Feeling The Elements II
24"x24" acrylic on panel

I make Art & Music. Sometimes, I make something else.

There are experiences, events and themes in life, that catch one's attention and resonate. As a way to interpret and express these themes, I make art & music. There are paintings and drawings, describing with color, form, line, texture. And then there is the music. Stories are told with voice, words and harmony, with piano, harmonica & guitar.

Selected artwork can be seen in person at:

Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery

Imogen Gallery, Astoria, Oregon.

In Portland, Oregon, you are welcome to visit my studio by appointment.


The Light & The Lines, is a collection of 10 original songs.
You can listen on Reverbnation (there you can also follow the link to purchase individual songs, or the whole album).
Also available on Itunes, Amazon and other online music retailers, and from me directly.